Larocque v Yahoo! Inc., 2023 SKCA 62; Larocque v Yahoo! Inc., 2023 SKCA 63

Craig Dennis, K.C. and Owen James were successful in the Court of Appeal of Saskatchewan in upholding a permanent stay of a competing national class action brought by the representative plaintiff, Larocque.  Craig and Owen acted as lead defence counsel for Yahoo Inc. and Yahoo! Canada Co. in a number of multi-jurisdictional class actions seeking millions in damages following breaches of Yahoo’s data systems.  The permanent stay pronounced by the Saskatchewan court followed on the implementation of a national settlement in Ontario.  Leave to the Supreme Court of Canada of the decisions of the Appeal of Saskatchewan was recently dismissed by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Read the full decision: Larocque v Yahoo! Inc., 2023 SKCA 62

Read the full decision:  Laroque v Yahoo! Inc., 2023 SKCA 63 (CanLII)

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