The energy sector – including oil, gas, hydro-electric power, and renewable resources – is perhaps the most complicated industry in the world.

Companies and individuals that operate in this industry, be it a global conglomerate or an individual, must work with local businesses and service providers, and are subject to extensive regulatory oversight. Often such actors enter into complex business arrangements, such as option agreements and joint venture agreements, with other players in the industry, and with the local community and government. The energy sector is complicated, cutthroat, and – often – lucrative.

At McEwan Partners, our lawyers have acted for many clients in the energy industry. Counsel at McEwan Partners have advised client in disputes involving oil and gas concessions, corporate opportunities in the oil patch, run of river power projects, wind farms and in respect of the regulation of hydro-electricity in British Columbia, to name but a few.

At McEwan Partners we have the experience and ability to take on the most complex and difficult cases, including those that arise in the energy sector.

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