The financial services sector is one of the largest in Canada’s economy, employing over a million people. At McEwan Partners we have experienced litigators who understand how to navigate our clients through the disputes that arise in this challenging and complex environment.

The financial services sector includes banks, credit unions, private equity funds, insurance companies, securities traders, and investment dealers. It one of the most heavily regulated sectors in our economy. An example of this can be found in securities regulation, which is impacted by an overlapping and technical set of statutes, instruments, policies, regulations, and interpretive bulletins administered by different regulators and self-regulatory organizations across Canada. Equally complex regulatory structures are a feature of all sectors of the financial services industry. The disputes that arise in this sector are often multi-layered, and feature private law claims interacting with regulatory action as well as potential criminal liability, across multiple jurisdictions.

At McEwan Partners we act for a spectrum of clients across this sector, including major Canadian banks investigating regulatory infractions, individuals working in the financial services industry, and industry regulators in regulatory hearings and appeals. Our experience in balancing the sometimes-conflicting demands of defending or advancing commercial claims in this highly regulated sector gives us the ability to apply sound judgement and find solutions for our clients.

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